Accounting East Amherst NY

Accounting is a system of maintaining and analyzing the finances of a company. An accountant can determine the position of a business through the analysis of income and expenses and is often charged with communicating financial information to the shareholders and managers of the firm. The practice of accounting also includes recording financial transactions, generally called bookkeeping, and auditing, or assessing a company's financial statements and how they are presented by the company's management.

Grabenstatter & Co
(716) 631-5266
5830 Main St
Williamsville, NY
Gantress & Sroda
(716) 626-0005
388 Evans St
Williamsville, NY
Clifford C Boncore CPA
(716) 634-5141
1 N Cayuga Rd
Williamsville, NY
Robert L Stangle
(716) 634-8131
5459 Main St #12
Williamsville, NY
(716) 633-7600
630 Frankhauser Rd
Williamsville, NY
Michael A Rizzo CPA
(716) 689-8444
2280 Millersport Hwy
Getzville, NY
E J Marecki & Co
(716) 626-0680
5355 Main St
Williamsville, NY
Jet Business Service
(716) 626-4288
8555 Main St #103
Williamsville, NY
Lawler & Witkowski
(716) 631-5111
5762 Main St
Williamsville, NY
Eugene G Colello CPA
(716) 631-5900
6045 Main St
Williamsville, NY