Home Refinancing Durham NC

Homeowners can apply for home refinancing, meaning they can get an entirely new mortgage on their home. This can be advantageous when mortgage interest rates fall below what they were when the original mortgage was taken out. This will result in lower payments and savings over the entire life of the loan. But homeowners must meet certain criteria before they can refinance; homeowners’ credit file will be reviewed, and a title report along with a report on liens on the property will be done, among other things, when the homeowner is going through the application process.

Southbank Fsb
(919) 682-5531
400 West Main Street
Durham, NC
Guaranteed Rate Inc
(919) 313-5250
3790 Guess Rd Ste 202
Durham, NC
Gmac Mortgage LLC
(888) 598-4622
3100 Tower Blvd.
Durham, NC
Sfmcps Inc
(919) 490-6100
3500 Westgate Drive Ste 601
Durham, NC
Real Estate Mortgage Corp
(919) 247-6210
4819 Emperor Blvd
Durham, NC
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group
(919) 383-9166
3200 Cr0Asdaile Dr Ste 205
Durham, NC
Integrated Mortgage Strategies Ltd
(919) 433-4004
4705 University Drive Ste 200
Durham, NC
Suntrust Mortgage Inc
(919) 419-1964
3100 Tower Blvd Suite 1600
Durham, NC
Newstar Mortgage Inc
(919) 403-1256
3622 Shannon Rd Suite 104
Durham, NC
Self Help Credit Union
(919) 956-4400
301 West Main Street
Durham, NC
Opinion Corner
People in North Carolina shared their opinions about Home Mortgage
Do you own or rent a home?
Own: 60%
Rent: 32%
Other: 6%
The recent credit crisis seems to have affected everyone. How has it affected you?
I have lost my home: 11%
I have had to downgrade my home: 5%
I am living paycheck to paycheck: 37%
I have eliminated some of my expenses in order to keep my home: 20%
It has not affected me: 20%
Other: 5%
What is the value of your house in relation to your outstanding mortgage?
I am in the red: 12%
I have some equity in my home: 61%
I own my home outright: 22%
I have no idea: 3%
Other: 0%
Have you been able to take advantage of the lower interest rates and refinance your mortgage?
Yes: 45%
I have tried but have not been successful: 20%
No: 33%
Have your savings/retirement funds been affected?
No, haven’t touched my savings/retirement: 32%
Yes, they were slightly affected: 29%
Yes, they were significantly affected/drained: 38%
Source: Survey.com